Silicone Roof Coatings

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Silicone Roof Coatings

Looking for a roof coating to help increase the durability of your commercial property? It might be time to try silicone roof coatings! Depending on your specific property and roof, silicone coatings could greatly improve the overall longevity of your current roof and your entire property. Silicone coatings can withstand even the harshest weather, and it does very well against the sun’s UV rays. Silicone coatings also happen to be possibly the best coatings when it comes to standing water. Pooling water on your roof will have a hard time getting through and causing issues when you have a silicone roof coating.

Because silicone stands up well against the harsh sun, it can also reflect the heat from the sun. This helps keep your entire roof and property cooler than other forms of roofing, which is a huge plus. Silicone is one of the best coating materials to apply to certain commercial properties, by far. Interested in learning more about our silicone coating application services in Phoenix, AZ? Chat with our team at Patterson Roofing today at (602) 448-1008 to learn more!

Expert Roof Coating Application

Just like with any roof application or installation, it’s essential that everything is installed correctly. A poorly applied roof coating can lead to many issues and potential repairs down the road. When you work with us, you’re working with a team of commercial roofers who know how to apply all types of roof coatings, whether they be silicone or acrylic! We can also provide repair and maintenance services to ensure that your silicone coating is always in the best shape possible!

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Keep your commercial roofing in the best shape possible. If you’re looking for a roof restoration — rather than a whole roof replacement — roof coatings are great ways to help enhance your roof’s stability. These coatings can also help keep older roofs in good condition. Want to learn more about how roof coatings can help you — and how silicone roof coatings in Phoenix, AZ can specifically benefit your roof? Talk with us today! Chat with our team of roofers at Patterson Roofing right now at (602) 448-1008!